Existing Business Owner

Revenue Share

Revenue Share Description:
We are looking for business owners of any size to looking to augment their revenue and income streams. It’s simple!
1) You can leverage the TWG Platform that services clients from Construction to Plastic, Payment Services to Transportation and much more…
2) TWG Platform has a vast amount resources, capital and experience allowing you to grow without risk.
3) Our team helps you craft the perfect product and service that already aligns with your current customer base.

1) Work with a TWG Professional to identify potential markets and value.
2) With our help, we will create an effective and manageable approach to providing additional value to your customers

1) Registered business owner in good standing – LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole-Proprietorship
2) Licensed and Insured where applicable
3) Valued by customers

Benefit Details:
Profit Sharing